Barena Technœnologie®

Situated in the Qualified Denomination of Origin of Rioja since 2008, more than 120 wineries have relied on our method, and thousands of regenerated barrels have guaranteed our excellent results in oenological processes. Likewise, we are in continuous collaboration with our clients, managing logistics, traceability, analytical control and batch monitoring.

We offer an innovative process that optimizes barrel room management while reducing environmental impact. Reconditioning barrels extend their lifespan, allowing them to play an active role by contributing to the renovation of the barrel room in a more economical and reliable way.

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Barena Technœnologie® regeneration process reactivates the standard functions of the barrels as an active wine container, extending their lifespan.

The Method

Our system, unique and exclusive around the world, allows the barrels to be given a new lease of life through an internal regeneration and external recovery process.

The Barena Technœnologie® treatment is a detailed process, barrel by barrel, in which we recover the inner layer of the wood.

By blasting the inside of the barrels with jets of high purity quartz, we are able to strip away the crystallized wine solids in the pores of the wood without affecting the original toasting of the barrel.

Subsequently, intensive steam treatment provides complete disinfection even 1 cm from the inside of the stave, eliminating various molds, bacteria and yeasts such as Brettanomyces bruxellensis.

The process is completed with an external sanding that significantly rejuvenates the appearance of the barrel. It is also treated with sulfur to protect the barrel until it is filled with wine.

Using high purity quartz

Maximum reduction of
0.4 - 0.7 mm
of the stave´s thickness

Antiseptic sterilisation through
intensive steam treatment

Exterior sanding completely
rejuvenates the barrel


Each barrel is identified to ensure traceability, and throughout the Barena process we carry out and register different visual, olfactory, microbiological and sealing controls that ensure the quality of our service.

Packaging and Labelling

For the correct shipping process, we protect the barrel with the right dosage of gaseous sulfur, which is subsequently wrapped in film.

The Benefits

  • Wine containerRecovering the standard functions of aging barrels as an active wine container
  • WoodRespecting the original toasting of the wood
  • ReconditioningReconditioning barrels to extend their lifespan
  • MicrobioCleaning and sanitizing the inner wood to eliminate any microbiological risks
  • Barrels borderBarrels are not disassembled
  • Micro oxygenationReactivating the processes of micro oxygenation
  • SmellReactivating part of the aromatic compounds
  • Front of the barrelSignificantly improving the outwards appearance of the barrel
  • TaninsIncreased transfer of elagic tannins


Throughout our history we have received differentawards from the wine and innovation sector.

  • AwardFIRST PRIZE Trophée OEnovation 2006 Tecnopole Bourdeaux Montesquieu
  • AwardTrophée OEnovation2006 Gironde’s General Council
  • AwardBRONZE MEDAL Trophée Línnovation 2008 Vinitech Council


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